Open Streets 2021

September 11, 2021

Clint had a great time at Open Streets on West Broadway in North Minneapolis. He met so many fantastic people who were out with their neighbors in the community.

Despite a lower-than-normal turnout, our booth was very active. Four meetings stood out:

- Clint had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting Donald Williams II, who you will remember as one of the bystanders to George Floyd’s murder who was repeatedly pleading for Chauvin to get off Mr. Floyd. He is a hero not only for doing whatever he could to stop what was happening but also for providing very impactful testimony at Derek Chauvin’s trial with the weight of the world upon him. He is very concerned about his community and stopped by our booth to ask tough questions about what Clint would do to help. After discussing Clint's platform and sharing campaign literature, Clint hopes to talk to Mr. Williams again soon and was very moved by the discussion.

- Clint saw, friend and housing law client, Jamil, who was out with his kids volunteering by cleaning up the streets during the event. Although Jamil brought a smile and his pleasant self to the event, he was struggling inside. He told me that a young family member was shot and killed just a few weeks ago in Minneapolis. He was also impacted by the recent shooting of twelve-year-old London Smith nearby and other life-changing events. Jamil is a small business owner, genuine human being, and hero. He is the kind of guy who finds the strength to bring his kids along with him for community service on a community day despite the pain around him.

- A business owner named KB, who owns a union-endorsed print shop on West Broadway, came to our booth to talk. He described some of the difficulties that would-be black-owned business owners face in starting and maintaining a business in the area. Like other small business owners Clint has talked to, KB thinks that the city is more of a roadblock than a facilitator in many respects, including specifically regarding a vacant lot right next to his business. He and an area barbershop owner took Clint on a walking tour of eight blocks of West Broadway to show the untapped potential in the area and explain the impediments to progress. As Mayor, Clint wants to work with KB and other small business thought leaders to start a small business boom on West Broadway and other areas that our city government has overlooked.

- Clint met a man who lives in the neighborhood where George Floyd was murdered (38th and Chicago) and who said that it remains an “Autonomous Zone” where violent crime is going unchecked, residents must rely on smartphone apps rather than the police to deal with violent crime, and businesses are suffering greatly. Clint is troubled by the fact that the “Autonomous Zones” were created without a vote of community members and is very concerned about the safety and general well-being of the residents and small businesses there. As Mayor, he would act to address the situation immediately.

Hannah Vogel

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