Clint has a vision for Minneapolis.

That’s why he’s running for mayor.

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    Minneapolitans feel unsafe in their communities. Businesses and families are leaving the city in alarming numbers, and our community has lost trust in our current mayor’s ability to get us out of this mess. I am running to be your next mayor because I am the leader the city needs. The safety and well-being of every Minneapolitan and every visitor to our city – no matter who they are – is my top priority as Mayor.

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    Home is the foundation for everything. Yet current leadership is not doing enough to provide stable, affordable, and habitable housing for all. All Minneapolitans deserve stable housing. I know that far too many of our neighbors are living in desperation because they don’t have a place they can call home, or they are one step away from homelessness every month. Many more have homes they cannot trust - because of dangerous living conditions or unexpected changes in rental terms.

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    Small businesses are vital to the future of Minneapolis. Unfortunately, they have experienced tremendous trauma since COVID-19 arrived and in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. Like in so many other areas of life, our minority-owned small businesses were hit hardest. These businesses need a major boost, and quickly. Small businesses are critically important to the economic health of our minority and immigrant communities and they facilitate cultural interconnectedness in our city.