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Northside Door Knocking

October 30, 10am - 12pm

Meet at the Webber Park Library Parking Lot

4440 Humboldt Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN

Please let us know you are joining us!

Please bring a friend!
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Finish Line Party

November 2nd, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

at Nico’s Tacos

2516 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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Our Black News Interview

October 16, 2021 - Join the team of Our Black News on Saturday, October 16 at 9:30 AM (CST) for an interview with Minneapolis mayoral contender Clint Conner who is posed to be one of the Top 3 picks of Minneapolis voters in November. Clint Conner has political clout; In 2017, Clint provided powerful testimony to the Minnesota House of Representatives in an effort to stop bills proposed by the GOP that would have drastically increased penalties for peaceful protesters. The bills subsequently failed to gain enough votes to pass (Conner, 2021). Today, candidate Conner is considered by many as the one to watch that might topple the Frey leadership debacle. This will prove to be an interesting conversation in our 2021 political news and information series. Our Black News is a revenue-free, ad-free platform and is supported by the Independent News Network, Black Politics in Minneapolis, and USA Radical Black: Truth to the People (All revenue-free, ad-free platforms).

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North High School Debate

Clint participated in a debate at North High School where students organized a debate among mayoral candidates. Clint’s responses

- 1:11:43: Intro

- 1:26:10: Connection to MPLS and what we need to do

- 1:34:42: Is downtown healthy?

- 1:45:33: Government structure and policing

- 1:47:32: Rebuttal to mayor's position on policing

- 1:57:27: Plans for helping the black community and N Mpls

- 2:09:21: Closing

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Lake Point Meet & Greet

October 20th, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

at Lake Point Condominiums

2950 Dean Parkway, Minneapolis MN

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We Need Courage in Leadership to Make Our City Safe.

Since filing my candidacy on August 9, I have learned that there is widespread confusion about who has responsibility regarding the police. Many are surprised to learn our City Charter gives the mayor “complete power over the establishment, maintenance, and command of the police department.” This includes day-to-day supervision and the responsibility to “make all rules and regulations” and “enforce general and special orders necessary to operating the police department.”

On Monday, KARE 11 noted an almost unbelievable statistic – according to MPD data, 48 young people have been shot by bullets in Minneapolis so far this year. Our mayor has had four years at his job and has failed, plain and simple.

I have heard some people say the increase in violent crime is not limited to Minneapolis. Few places have experienced the spike in violent crime and the brazen lawlessness we see here. Look next door. Our neighbor St. Paul is roughly three-quarters the size of Minneapolis and yet its homicide rate this year (29) is less than half of Minneapolis’s rate (72).

Many people think that Minneapolis has a weak mayoral system. That is absolutely not true regarding policing. The Charter uses the term “complete power” only once to characterize the mayor’s responsibility for police department operations.

I am running for mayor because we need bold leadership. We need a buck-stops-here mayor who will acknowledge and fully exercise their responsibility and authority to keep Minneapolis safe. I am the father of three, and I want them to be safe here in our city.

If I am elected mayor, together, we will change the narrative immediately. We will inspire our good police officers to remain with us. We will build an unprecedented level of community-centered programs and relationships to build trust. We will implement a service-first mentality across the department. And we will recruit the next generation of diversity-minded people who want to be a part of our city.

We need our good police to keep us safe. I disagree with our current mayor, who favors removing the minimum police requirement in our Charter. Uncertainty about future numbers harms our ability to recruit and retain.

At the same time, I commit to using the skills I honed as a litigator for 17 years to aggressively investigate the problems within the police department and fix what is broken. Those who stand in the way of evolving the department into a bias-free environment will be brought to light. Additionally, I commit to hiring mental health professionals and social workers to work with our police in all appropriate circumstances.

If you want safe streets in Minneapolis, vote for Clint Conner as your first-choice vote.

In solidarity,


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Northeaster Candidates Respond

The Northeaster recently sent questionnaires to all 17 candidates for Minneapolis mayor, to give our readers a chance to get to know them and where they stand on issues before the Nov. 2 election. Not all responded. Those who did are presented here, including Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins, AJ Awed, Clint Conner, Christopher David, Jacob Frey (incumbent), Paul E. Johnson, Kate Knuth, Doug Nelson, Sheila Nezhad and Jerrell Perry. Some answers in the print version were edited to fit the space. Here are their complete responses.

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Ride Along with MPD 1st Precinct

August 23, 2021

I had the opportunity for a ride-along with the MPD 1st Precinct (Downtown) starting at 9 PM on Friday night and ending at 4:30 AM Saturday morning (full shift goes to 7 AM). Below are a few takeaways:

- I was very impressed with the professionalism of the officers: the sergeants were great communicators, including during debriefing; instructions were clear and succinct, the officers asked great questions, and it was a serious atmosphere with some good humor.

- I saw the tangible results of our current Mayor allowing a harmful narrative to take hold in the community: our squad car was flipped off or yelled at many times during the night.

- The officer I was paired with had only three years of patrol experience but could not have been sharper or more sensitive: his wisdom and responsibility were beyond his years, and he handled complex scenarios with calm and grace.

- The 1st Precinct is diverse: I met BIPOC, Asian, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ officers in headquarters.

- The officers are stretched extremely thin: the 1st Precinct overnight force is down to just 1/3 of what it was before George Floyd’s murder, the sergeant’s requests for extra officers to help on OT pay went unanswered, and the officers on duty were asked to stay longer than normal.

- We do not have enough police: people are brazenly breaking the law and I saw firsthand examples of the 1st Precinct not having enough manpower, forcing them to bypass certain crimes to focus on higher priority calls.

- What I saw reinforced my understanding that the streets are getting away from us: the night ended with MPD taping off the scene of a 16-round shooting on 9th and Hennepin.

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Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate forum on Local Energy & Climate Justice

September 14, 2021

Listen to mayoral candidates seeking to represent all of Minneapolis on the City Council share their visions how to meet Minneapolis’ local clean energy and climate goals in ways that also benefit key priorities of the city such as housing affordability, renter’s rights, economic, racial & environmental justice, and workforce development for clean energy jobs.

Following the 1h 30 min formal Q & A, at about 8:00 pm we will switch over to a different Zoom address for an informal post-forum conversation in virtual breakout rooms with candidates.

Hosted by Community Power, an energy democracy organization which originated as the 2013 Minneapolis Energy Options campaign that led directly to the City forming its first-in-the-Nation Clean Energy Partnership with Xcel and Centerpoint.

Cohosted by MN BIPOC EJ Table, Minneapolis Climate Action, MNIPL, Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate and Climate Gen: A Will Stegar Legacy.

The beginning will have a guest appearance from FairVote Minnesota, which is a national leader in the movement for Ranked Choice Voting. Rank choice voting is a simple, but powerful change to the way we vote that gives voters more choice and more power.

Check out candidate responses to the 2021 energy questionnaire here: https://www.communitypowermn.org/2021_city_elections

**Community Power & Co-hosting organizations do NOT endorse candidates. The purpose of these events is to highlight the importance and connectedness of local energy issues and give a platform for residents to educate themselves about what city candidates plan to work on and prioritize**

Watch the video here: https://fb.watch/8cH800fUBn/

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Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

September 21, 2021

The Clint Conner for Mayor campaign is delighted to announce that Clint has been awarded the “2021 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.” Clint has been a strong advocate for gun violence prevention and is committed to leading the city to increased gun safety.

So far this year in Minneapolis, at least 30 children have been shot and the number of gunshot victims jumped 90% over last year (as of June), which itself was a record year for gun violence. This is completely unacceptable. We must do more to keep our families safe throughout Minneapolis.

As mayor, Clint’s number one priority is SAFE STREETS. Right now, residents feel unsafe in their own homes, and businesses and families are leaving the city in alarming numbers.

Clint knows that keeping Minneapolitans safe will require hard work and persistence to build partnerships and buy-in from individuals and communities across our city. He is ready for that challenge.

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Impacts of Minneapolis’s Unchecked Gun Violence

August 28, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS - In the aftermath of this week’s shooting at the intersection of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue, mayoral candidate and nearby resident Clint Conner went door-to-door, talking to business owners and employees about gun violence across the city.

* * *

Early Thursday morning, reports of multiple shots fired came into 911 call centers. It was later determined that at least seven people were shot. Automatic weapons were used.

A recent North High School graduate and future nursing student, Mykia Carpenter, was shot in the neck. The bullet damaged the 18-year-old’s artery, trachea, and vocal cords. 

According to reports, people held a shirt against her wound while they waited for help to arrive. As of Saturday afternoon, Mykia was still listed as being in critical condition, having required lifesaving, nine-hour surgery. 

* * *

Mr. Conner, a resident of nearby Lowry Hill, spent Thursday morning speaking to the Lyn-Lake community. He is running on a platform of safe streets; stable, affordable, and livable housing for all; and a small business boom. His platform is well-received by locals. His plans to boost morale in the police department and roll out recruitment incentives resonate with people because they see that the anti-police narrative has created space for brazen violence and disincentivizes people from joining the force.

“There is a very organized effort in our city to push the ‘defund the police’ agenda, and until now, it has dominated the conversation about the future of public safety in our city,” said Conner.  “At the same time, our Mayor, in whom our City Charter vests authority over the police force and who has had all levers of media at his disposal, has allowed a harmful narrative to take root in this city that police are bad.  As a result, we have lost over 200 police, and the good police still with us are stretched way too thin.”

Business owners agree that the negative narrative around policing has allowed crime to take hold.

Minneapolitans are frustrated with the current administration’s lack of progress on the issues of policing and gun violence. Conner heard a common theme from local businesses: no one from the Mayor’s office has been working with the local community to address the violence.  

* * *

“Times like these call for the Mayor to be out in the community non-stop,” says Conner. “Being a mayor in good times might be easy, but leading us back to good times takes hard work and a commitment to being out in front of the issues and on the front lines.”

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Nordeast Business Outreach

September 1, 2021

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Clint Conner visited the Northeast Minneapolis (Nordeast) business district near Hennepin Avenue this afternoon to talk with local business managers about their experiences and viewpoints regarding public safety and the business environment.

* * *

From new establishments to old, business managers shared one common observation -- crime is on the rise and we do not have enough good police to stop it.  Clint learned that one restaurant was robbed the night before.  At another establishment, an employee had been beaten and was hospitalized for a traumatic brain injury a few months ago.

There was consensus that we do not have enough good police to help protect our growing city.  Business owners were not surprised to learn that police recruiting numbers are in the tank.  And they agree with Clint -- we need a narrative change regarding public safety, and fast.

Regarding housing, one employee indicated she moved from Minneapolis to St. Paul to take advantage of St. Paul's affordable housing.  Regarding the small business climate, one owner talked at length about the unnecessary city regulatory barriers that can stifle small business growth.

Not all was doom and gloom, however. Businesses were bustling. People were enjoying the beautiful evening. And Clint ran into a family friend, got to pet a new puppy, and got a picture with a visiting soccer team that was happy to meet a mayoral candidate.

Furthermore, Clint's platform of SAFE STREETS; stable, affordable, and livable housing; and small business boom was well received on all fronts. 

* * *

“Times like these call for the Mayor to be out in the community non-stop,” says Conner. “Being a mayor in good times might be easy, but leading us back to good times takes hard work and a commitment to being out in front of the issues and on the front lines.”

You can help out the campaign, Clint Conner for Mayor, by becoming part of our team in a number of ways by donating your time and financial support. To find out more ways to get involved, please visit clintconner2021.com/clint-volunteer

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East Side Get Together

September 3, 2021

Clint attended the East Side Get Together at Edison High School tonight, where he saw great high school football and met many great people, including Sergeant Alice White of North Minneapolis's 4th Precinct. She leads a team handling the most challenging shift in the city. Yet, that does not stop her from laughing and being one of the most lovely people you will ever meet.

Clint asked Sgt. White if she had any recommendations for a future Mayor and she said that every Mayor and City Councilperson should go through the MPD Citizens Academy to learn how the force operates. She said it is an excellent educational opportunity that apparently many of our leaders have not taken advantage of.

Clint also met Charlie, from North Minneapolis, who works for the Parks Department. He, and five others, patrol the City's 160 parks every day to clear out homeless encampments. Charlie is a hero who looks out for his neighborhood. He calls the police regularly (and even has a few officers on speed dial) due to the frequent shots fired around his home. He said one of his neighbors is a pastor with 10 kids and that Charlie hardly ever sees any of the kids because the family thinks it is too dangerous to be outside. Charlie purchased and installed cameras for his and neighbors' homes and has used footage from those cameras to help police identify violent criminals.

We are lucky to have these heroes in our City.

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Meet & Greet with Clint Conner

September 5, 2021

Clint Conner met with about 30 people at a meet-and-greet in North Minneapolis and was attended by several candidates for city leadership positions and community leaders, including Reverend Timmy Christopher of Berean Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Christopher is also a prison mentor and leads Black Minds Unchained media. Although he is a Packer and Duke fan, we see eye-to-eye on bigger issues. He is doing outstanding work in North Mpls, giving kids outlets outside the city. We should be helping Rev. Christopher to do more of that!

Clint with Reverend Timmy Christopher of Berean Missionary Baptist Church

Clint with Reverend Timmy Christopher of Berean Missionary Baptist Church

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Open Streets 2021

September 11, 2021

Clint had a great time at Open Streets on West Broadway in North Minneapolis. He met so many fantastic people who were out with their neighbors in the community.

Despite a lower-than-normal turnout, our booth was very active. Four meetings stood out:

- Clint had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting Donald Williams II, who you will remember as one of the bystanders to George Floyd’s murder who was repeatedly pleading for Chauvin to get off Mr. Floyd. He is a hero not only for doing whatever he could to stop what was happening but also for providing very impactful testimony at Derek Chauvin’s trial with the weight of the world upon him. He is very concerned about his community and stopped by our booth to ask tough questions about what Clint would do to help. After discussing Clint's platform and sharing campaign literature, Clint hopes to talk to Mr. Williams again soon and was very moved by the discussion.

- Clint saw, friend and housing law client, Jamil, who was out with his kids volunteering by cleaning up the streets during the event. Although Jamil brought a smile and his pleasant self to the event, he was struggling inside. He told me that a young family member was shot and killed just a few weeks ago in Minneapolis. He was also impacted by the recent shooting of twelve-year-old London Smith nearby and other life-changing events. Jamil is a small business owner, genuine human being, and hero. He is the kind of guy who finds the strength to bring his kids along with him for community service on a community day despite the pain around him.

- A business owner named KB, who owns a union-endorsed print shop on West Broadway, came to our booth to talk. He described some of the difficulties that would-be black-owned business owners face in starting and maintaining a business in the area. Like other small business owners Clint has talked to, KB thinks that the city is more of a roadblock than a facilitator in many respects, including specifically regarding a vacant lot right next to his business. He and an area barbershop owner took Clint on a walking tour of eight blocks of West Broadway to show the untapped potential in the area and explain the impediments to progress. As Mayor, Clint wants to work with KB and other small business thought leaders to start a small business boom on West Broadway and other areas that our city government has overlooked.

- Clint met a man who lives in the neighborhood where George Floyd was murdered (38th and Chicago) and who said that it remains an “Autonomous Zone” where violent crime is going unchecked, residents must rely on smartphone apps rather than the police to deal with violent crime, and businesses are suffering greatly. Clint is troubled by the fact that the “Autonomous Zones” were created without a vote of community members and is very concerned about the safety and general well-being of the residents and small businesses there. As Mayor, he would act to address the situation immediately.

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League of Women Voters Mayoral Debates

September 13, 2021

The League of Women Voters hosted a 2021 Mayoral Candidate forum for the upcoming elections. The issues we face in Minneapolis require a partnership between leaders and communities and buy-in from individuals. I believe, #TogetherAsOneMpls, that we can ask the right questions and find solutions.

Watch the debate below:

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Clint Conner @ Linden Hills Fall Festival

September 19, 2021

Clint attended the Linden Hills Fall Festival yesterday. He saw friends and made new ones. It was a beautiful day of information exchange, kid events, music, food, and drink. Clint was excited to share his vision for Minneapolis.

Clint had the honor of meeting frontline worker Dr. Karl Kemberling of North Memorial. Dr. Kemberling is a surgeon who doesn’t get the chance to smile as much as he would like these days. Clint and Dr. Kemberling ended up smiling together. He is supporting Clint’s campaign and our SAFE STREETS pledge.

Clint also met Charles Rucker, who is running for Minneapolis Park Board. Clint agrees with Charles that "parks and kids need us right now to answer the call and build a better system for ALL Minneapolis residents and our guests."

Clint's message resonated with attendees, who had questions and wanted to keep the conversation going. One man Clint met suggested Clint's message should be: "We shouldn't settle for what we've got - Don't settle."

Vote Clint Conner for Mayor! Don't settle for less.


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Minneapolis Mayoral Forum | Racial Justice Topics

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Racial Justice Network will moderate a virtual Minneapolis Mayoral forum. The focus will be racial justice topics.

We have confirmed the following candidates:

Jacob Frey
Kate Knuth
Sheila Nezhad
A.J. Awed
Clint Conner
Jerrell Perry
Paul E. Johnson

Watch the live stream below.

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Clint Conner Files for Mayoral Run in Minneapolis
Christopher Covert Christopher Covert

Clint Conner Files for Mayoral Run in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS – Embattled Mayor Jacob Frey has a new challenger, as Minneapolis attorney and Lowry Hill resident Clint Conner filed papers to run in the November 2, 2021 election.

Conner, 47, opened his campaign with a salvo against incumbent Mayor Jacob Frey proclaiming that, “the truth about Minneapolis is our streets are not safe and so many are denied justice. We believe Minneapolis can have both – safe streets and justice for all.”

“Our city – all of it – is suffering under the failed leadership of Mayor Jacob Frey,” said Conner. “Four years after he ran on a platform of strengthening community-police relations, things have spiraled out of control. Violence is skyrocketing. Our children are being killed by bullets.”

Conner, while a newcomer to electoral politics, is no stranger to political activism, having helped lead hundreds of Election Protection hotline volunteers the past two federal elections to ensure every voter’s right to cast a ballot was protected.

A former attorney at Dorsey & Whitney, Conner’s work on behalf of low-income tenants has been recognized by the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, the City of Minneapolis, and the Volunteer Lawyers Network.

Conner worked recently alongside the late former Vice President Walter Mondale on the fight against the Trump Administration’s attempt to eliminate funding for the Legal Services Corporation (a federal nonprofit that helps to provide high-quality legal assistance to nearly 2 million Americans, including 45,000 Minnesotans).

In 2020, he received Dorsey & Whitney’s Scales of Justice Award for helping to persuade the Minnesota Supreme Court to recognize for the first time a common-law prohibition on retaliatory evictions against tenants who complain about substandard living conditions.

In a city besieged with protests following last year’s murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, Conner also took aim at Mayor Frey’s failure to lead the city in crisis. “We must create a public safety environment that learns and evolves from past and present wrongs. We must create a culture where dedication to service and ‘doing the right thing’ are the standards for our law enforcement officers. We must create an environment where good police succeed,” continued Conner. “This starts with investigating the roots of injustice and restoring our city to one where fairness and equality are the norm. We must end the criminalization of poverty and focus good police on preventing violent crimes.”

“We believe in a Minneapolis that shines brightest when we work together. Where good people, safe streets, and accessible justice are what define us.”

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